Route des Crêtes


Linking La Ciotat with Cassis, the Route des Crêtes (clifftop road) was opened in 1964.

Look-out points are provided where you can admire the exceptional panorama of La Ciotat Bay, with the old town and the Île Verte in the background.

Further on, the Massif des Calanques stands out spectacularly, its slopes plunging down into the sea. On clear days, you can see the chain of Marseille's islands.

From the Route des Crêtes, you can also see the "Coeur d'Honoré" site.

This is a seven-hectare plot of land laid out in terraces, with a ruined house and a surrounding wall in the shape of a heart. Honoré was its owner at the beginning of the last century, hence the name.

Along the way, there are some spectacular-shaped rocks such as "Le Pont Naturel", a natural arch hollowed out by erosion.

Finally, we reach the Semaphore, which dates from 1791 and lies at an altitude of 349 metres. It is a military facility that controls navigation and watches over the safety of amateur sailors.