La Ciotat is a starting point for many walks!

This page offers route guides, maps and information on regulations.

Walking route guides

Provence Tourisme has published route guides to walks through the area for several years. Here are the route guides for La Ciotat.


Information on the forest access risk level

In Bouches-du-Rhône, from 1 June to 30 September inclusive, forest areas are regulated by local decrees in terms of access (including from the sea), traffic, human presence and work.

Four colours identify the conditions of access:

  • Level of forest fire risk

 Conditions of access, circulation and presence of people in forest areas

  • Green
  • Authorised
  • Yellow
  • Authorised
  • Orange
  • Authorised
  • Red
  • Prohibited


These risk levels are determined daily for each forest area and each municipality. They can be consulted from 6 pm. Apart from exceptional circumstances, the information applies to the whole following day.

Certain areas (ZAPEF – welcome areas for the public in forests) with special facilities to guarantee visitor safety may be open even if the risk level is RED, unless the danger is exceptional.

The town's mayor can use police powers to go beyond the instructions of the district order.

Motor vehicles are banned all year round, including access, driving and parking, except in roads open to public traffic.



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